Capilla La Divina Providencia

About Us: Youth Discipleship

The Youth Discipleship program is currently under the direction of Adore Ministries.

The vision of Adore ministries is to Reach people, Impact cities and Transform the world.  Through our ministry we believe that Jesus is asking us to reach people with the hope of the Gospel, and through reaching people we can impact whole cities.  We see a day where whole cities will proclaim Jesus as Lord and unite with other cities around…thus transforming the world for the Kingdom.  It’s a big vision that leans totally on a big God to accomplish the work.

Adore is working towards this vision through our mission of Evangelization, Discipleship, and Empowerment. Through our various outreaches, programs, and ministry services is the heart to evangelize, disciple, and empower people to live the life God has for them.

Adore is a missionary organization that calls all people to a worship of God with their entire lives.  We believe that when God’s name is glorified louder than any other name, He begins to transform the world, one heart, and one city at a time.  As missionaries we answer this call daily, by responding to the needs of the particular city that we serve in.  Whether it be through empowerment of leaders, development of small faith communities, or large corporate worship gatherings, ADORE is stirring the New Evangelization in cities throughout the world.

>>> The Mission of Reaching People: 
Every human person has a longing for love and for truth.  Through relational outreach, ADORE invites all people into a tangible encounter with Jesus Christ, who satisfies this universal longing.

>>> The Mission of Impacting Cities: 
In the face of cultural turmoil, economic crisis, and an ever-growing human need, God is calling His people to persevere in serving Him within their own city.  Through small faith communities and large city-wide worship events ADORE provides opportunity for authentic transformation that has a rippling effect throughout that city.

>>>The Mission of Transforming the World: 
This world is in need.  From terrorism to hunger, child prostitution to no access to the Gospel, our world is broken.  ADORE acknowledges that God himself is “making all things new”, and that we, through our humble offering, play a small role in His plan of transformation.